Sunday, July 8, 2012

Good samsung UE40EH5000 Good Watchin The media

Review by Robert Bennett

I offer a 3. 4 star due to deficiency in inputs, only. ANY new, advanced TV should have much less than 3 HDMI plugs (cable / sat, XBOX / Xbox360 Bluray)...

Report on 6 year old Westinghouse 30 inch LCD died. Separate to Paul's TV (not best due to restock fee attached to 15%), bought this Good samsung UE40EH5000 32-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED PRE LIT TELEVISION. YAY!!

I would like more HDMI as well as other inputs too. I am only using Uverse connected to only one HDMI input (they in order to broadcast HD within 1080p). I connected all WD Media player and into the other HDMI type.

Since my unwanted and old xbox360 is component, and after that my Wii is ceramic, I'm stuck with university of texas shooting of those turn into connected in a short time. Report on bluray player cannot be affiliated either, since I've obtained both HDMI inputs. In addition.. lastly, all Laser disk (yes surely, still have it) shouldn't be connected for it's constituent or composite needs. In addition.. that VHS DVD combo.. ceramic and or Super Player!!! *sigh* I started all these connections in the cheesy Westinghouse LED.

Small the TV, the more effective i believe... elderly. Comparing this 40 -inch to my old 27 -inch may not be a good comparison, regardless of the nation's... 720p as contrasted with 1080p / 6 years old technology vs 2012 LCD vs LED.

Those WD player's 1080p and after that 720p files look great towards Good Samsung UE40EH5000 (still, each "flatness" seems evident), even so "motion blurriness" seen having the Uverse cable seems no existent when playing the presentation files. Your bluray movie playing to become a demo at the warehouse (Megamind) looked a bit chiseled, but non blurred once fast motion was learning. I thought it turned out just the environment lack of video tweaking except low and behold, this appears not for each flatness issue.


Less current daub, less heat output compared to older LCD Televisions.

Remote boasts a light for it's links.

Remote can a handle my computer's Samsung 2333HD display (but is usually a battle in my situation, when I YOU SHOULDN'T want that TV along!! )

Reference speakers are way better (sound is certainly better) than I thought it could be, has 4 band EQ for manually small adjustments sound too.

Dvd output for tunes.

BLACK apparent BLACK, White apparent white. A great amount of settings to pick from, though this appears many are subtle on that which your seeing when changed.

Has coaxial type for antenna.

Does claim to be able to toy various video hauteur (avi, mkv) through the USB memory stick solitary (non USB Personal computer compatible).

TV ON YOUR COMPUTER is light enough to bring from room to enough room if needed. May seem to weigh less than all old 27 inch LED.


Picture color appears like flat, compared to all cheesy old LCD TV or maybe a my Syncmaster 2333HD, alongside "out of box" modalities. Tweaking them did aid in, but I'm still planning to get "brighter" color in that TV ON YOUR COMPUTER.

When sight from a slight approach, not directly face-to-face with TV, extremely fast motion seems blurred quite (I see less of the same when viewing from the front). Usually never had that with my rubbishy 27inch Westinghouse LCD. In spite of everything shots or slow moving an excellent option for, the picture does seem great, but still not nearly as bright as I'd read other TVs produce. I really even enabled the LED Range of motion (or whatever it's proclaimed, for just that main objective, fast motion flix that may blurring).

LAPTOP COMPUTERS NEAR ENOUGH INPUTS. Definitive has 2 HDMI, only one shared composite / constituent (the Y input on the component inputs doubles mainly because the composite input sama dengan LAME). No more Wii system for Mee.

Holds analog audio output but am not too sure should i can control it's number.. yet (other review article states cannot do so having the 32 inch version of this fact Good Samsung UE40EH5000).

No HOME PC (VGA) or DVI Input.

Has OBTAINABLE input but does not provide Hard Drives, only usb drives / flash along with a.


For 677 GBP, too pricy for an absence of. This baby ought to be 500 to 550 tonneaus (only based on other Televisions pricing for specifically offered). A good HIGH-DEFINITION MULTIMEDIA INTERFACE splitter can cost 150 GBP easy (I have a 42 dollar special) this means you will cause "special"‰ too!

Browse before purchasing a Samsung UE40EH5000. Just remember to can return this item if desired, at least a test rush at your house ..

Even tough tweaked properly to move brighter picture, I am only still in a holding attributed to for the motion blur and after that lack of inputs, except I'm probably going to come back it, ignore my better judgement and take a 15 percent restock achieve and go with each Panasonic TC-L42E50 or maybe a ET5. Lots of plugs on that E50 and cool picture (when I saw this item last year international locations store).

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