Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Great samsung UE40EH5000 Beautiful Picture - Certainly no extra's, but just lv!

Review by Thomas Hale

Excellent 5 years old Panasonic Viera plasma TELEVISION SET in my home theater as well as , purchased this as a a second set of set for the bdr. And after much search for, multiple viewings at specific stores, and deliberation i had fashioned narrowed my search in accordance with Samsung and they occurred to just release the new EH line and i also took the plunge on the topic of impulse (no reviews or understanding was available on the ultra modern line) as well as ,... All I want to say is, I am just so completely blown away by way of the Samsung UE40EH5000 display quality, clarity, as well as , color copy... I like to watching this one far better then my main TELEVISION SET.

I am just so now looking to take a place of my main TV, named above, with a superior new Samsung version... of course as both of those other reviewers have mentioned the main connections severely limited (2 high def, 1 composite, jedan optical audio out, jedan usb), Considering need more well then that you should glimpse at Samsung's higher end carefully thread. Personally, We now have no need for some of the other special features, just like you use a device you don't need some of the connections any kind of...

Nothing more than, Samsung saved a bundle on adding unnecessary benefits to this Samsung UE40EH5000 and in turn focused on forcing you to have an amazing LED lighted, LCD screen that simply just beautiful and really represents... the fact that, in my view, most likely the absolute most important feature of purchasing a watching tv.

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